We Moved Into Our New Place!

This move has been planned for several months.  We started discussing it last summer and after the crazy pop up season I started looking for a space.  I found an 800SF space in Santa Ana with a warehouse and office/showroom space. 

We shared some of the details on Thursdays BnB Live which you can watch here to catch up on the details.  We plan to go live from our new space this coming week.

I knew in order to have a proper wholesale operation and increase our wholesale suppliers, we needed to have a proper shipping operation.  That means a dedicated space for packaging, processing, and shipping orders of all sizes.  I have been shipping out of my home office since I started this endeavor. At first the product was stored in my spare bedroom.  That got overrun and it started stacking up in the dining room. I had beads everywhere. 

We moved into a small 100SF storage then expanded to a larger 200SF storage unit.  We have outgrown that unit and I was going to move from the current 200 SF unit to a 400 SF office.  When I was looking at the office space, the leasing agent indicated a larger unit which had an additional 400 SF warehouse space attached to the office “just” came available.  I put just in quotes because I don’t think it happened by coincidence.  After prayer and consideration, I decided to move forward with the larger unit and although it’s a big risk financially, if we don’t take a risk there is no way we can grow.  If we don’t set up to take on more business, we will remain as we are and will not change the lives of the ladies in Kenya for the better.

Join us this Thursday on our BnB Live Show from our new space.  Also I showed the space on Swahili Sunday this past Sunday and shared about the amazing high performing team that made the move happen from one space to another in 3 hours. This is the 20' truck fully loaded with room to spare. 

Soon we will be having classes and events at the location.  Join the newsletter and like the Facebook Page to get notified of any events. 

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