Walking in Faith-Imani

The women of Kenya walk in faith to make enough to provide what they need for their families. We can only do what we can do, to get done what is needed. The facts behind Baskets and Beads Kenya is that the women are always paid promptly and fairly in accordance with the Fair Trade Federation's founding principles.

When building a business, it is hard to find wholesalers that will make larger purchases at once. We are grateful for Safari Beach as they become a larger seller of our products and we strive to gain more. We have been teaching sustainability principles to the ladies and aim to keep food on their tables. It is why we seek donations for food packs through www.basketsandbeadskenya.org when sales have not been as high as we need to be self-sustaining. 

This week's episode of Swahili Sunday goes into the different things that are done to help the business thrive. Eldonna talks about Facebook ads and the determinant of trolls hijacking posts, how keeping an active storage in the states is necessary to keep sales rolling and how she has personally done things to float the business as the owner to maintain an open online shop. 

Nothing in business is easy and you have to have Imani to continue on the journey. 

Listen to this week's Swahili Sunday Episode HERE


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