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Most parts of Kenya experience two rain seasons: March to May's “long rains” and October to December's “short rains”. The months of June to August are mainly cool and dry over most parts of the country except for some parts in the western region that report some rains. I will be traveling into Kenya for the rainy season to offer the artisans of Kenya multiple opportunities. Check out Operation Kenya 2022 here. 

Did you know that April Fools is not celebrated in Kenya? Hence, we are not fooling around with our discounts this week.

In honor of our sewing group we are offering a 25% discount on headbands! Just use coupon code "Headbands"

The sewing team also makes the doggie bandanas, table runners, and pillows. Soon we will have potholders and aprons. Here is a video of them sewing together. The stories of the artisans of Kenya demonstrate the heart that is put into the products that are made.

Pauline Esokony is part of the sewing team with, Fridah, Sharon, Rael, Dorcas , Maria, and Ann. Pauline was born in the Kipsongo slum where her Father left her mother when she was 5 years old. Life was really hard for her mother to provide food, clothes and shelter for Pauline and her siblings , she had to stop going to school and was forced to join her mother on the streets to go to the dumpster to look for food. With tears in her eyes she tells me how she wanted to go to school and have a different life, but she says she needs to work hard for her kids to go to school and have a better future, her dream is to be able to move out of the Kipsongo slum and live in a safe place. At age 15 she got pregnant and the guy did not acknowledge the kid , so the Catholic missionaries took her in with the baby and they trained her on tailoring and helped to take care of the baby. At 18 years old she started looking for a job, it was not easy because she met so many people especially men who wanted to sleep with her before giving her the job. She was lucky to join the National youth service which taught her more discipline and service, after the service she got a job. A few months later, she met the father of her 2 child. She heard about Baskets and Beads Kenya and what we were doing and she immediately wanted to join , she told me that she knew this is where she belongs and she is very happy and grateful, she is God fearing, and ready to learn and help those around her.

Next week we will share more about where the fabric comes from.

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