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Thank you for your continued support of the Baskets and Beads mission either by following along, purchasing products or making donations. As you are reading this I am in Kenya and on my way to Kitale. I’m excited to be there and will be seeing the ladies tomorrow.

We are planning to work on product development and spend some time connecting, breaking bread and catching up. There are always extra needs when I go (last time we built a house, got medical care and supplies) and while I have funded my trip with my own funds, I’d appreciate it if you felt led to donate any amount to help with the expenses that come up while I’m here.

We will be providing food packs again and blankets and maybe shoes for the ladies (we provided shoes for the kids a couple of months ago and clothing along with food packs). As we are building back to sustainability, we know it will take some time so we would appreciate any amount so we can provide food packs and also cover the costs of the 2 street kids whose sponsor dropped off.

Special thanks to our monthly donors, we appreciate you! If you’d like to become a monthly supporter or make a one-time donation, email me or go to and click on donate.

Thank you again for being part of the Baskets and Beads Kenya Community! We are excited that travel restrictions are relaxing a little, the beach opened over the holiday weekend and shipments from the ladies finally arrived! After a year of staying in place, are you ready to hack your travel plans this year, we have some great tips. Honestly, the reality of seeing the artisans in Kenya is very exciting!

Some of our products of the week have included t-shirts, headbands and earring sets, as well as, the black and white collection! We are always switching up our inventory as the ladies discuss making cloth bandanas for pets, napkins, table runners and more during the summer. 

Baskets and Beads keeps an active inventory of our products to make it so it is easy to ship within the US and we even added international shipping to the site.

If you'd like to support the mission for current needs in Kenya click here.


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