The Fight for Food In Marginalized Communities

We are facing unprecedented times with the entire world being shut down. It is having its affect on everyone. Some have lost their jobs, some have lost their health and some have lost their lives. We don’t have a handle on how this virus is going to play out. Will we get control of it? Will there be a way to stop it or will it run rampant throughout the world taking many more lives in it’s path?

Woman in front of mud hut in Kipsongo slum Kitale Kenya

Our ladies of Baskets and Beads live in a place called the Kipsongo Slum in Kitale, Kenya. Kitale is usually a town bustling with business. There are street markets and piki’s (motorcycle taxi’s) taking people around town. The streets are always filled with activity. Here’s a short video clip of Kitale on any given day.

Normally our ladies earn some of their income by selling their handmade items there in Kitale in the street markets. Now with the shut down due to COVID-19, there are no street markets open. All transportation is shut down and there is a curfew from 7pm until 5am.

Empty Market in Kitale KenyaEmpty Market in Kitale Kenya

These photo’s were taken a couple days ago of the same area in the above video. How is this affecting our women? They are unable to do anything to earn income, they are unable to wash their hands or social distance. The place they live has their homes built so close together and the walkways between the buildings so tight that there is no way for them to social distance

Photo of mud huts in Kipsongo Slum Kitale Kenya

There is no Government aid and many people are going hungry. Most people in the US and other “developed” countries will never experience poverty and hunger at this level. I’m writing this from my home where I have food, water and other needs. You may be experiencing tough times but put it in a different perspective. If I didn’t have food, my church has a food bank going several days a week. I could get food. I’m a veteran, there are organizations that would help me get food if I needed it.

These people are fighting for their lives. They are risking being in close contact to get food so they don’t go hungry or their children don’t starve to death. What if you couldn’t feed your children or family? What if you had to sit and watch them cry from the hunger pains? It’s so far removed from most of our lives that we can’t process or fathom what it would be like to have to fight through a crowd for a bag of rice.

I’ve seen it first hand and although I can’t solve the problems on a larger scale. I do have the capability to help the 34 families of the women in our group with our double high five food pack program.  If you have the means and would like to help ensure the women of Baskets and Beads have enough food to sustain themselves through this COVID-19 situation and beyond you can help in two ways:

1.  Donate to our non profit double high five food pack program.  Visit our non profit page to find out more and see below from our most recent food pack delivery.

Woman in Kipsongo Slum Receiving foodWoman in Kipsongo Slum Receiving foodWoman in Kipsongo Slum Receiving food

2.  Purchase an item from the store to help them have a sustainable income.  

Your support helps empower women in Kenya to build a sustainable business and support their families. Please consider helping if you are able.   


  • I am looking forward to the Tea with a Purpose tomorrow evening.

    Lisa Camille Diggs
  • Thank you for sharing this – it’s frightening.

    Suzy Prudden

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