The Dynamic Vision Foundation Year in Review

Dynamic Vision Foundation is the name of our non profit that handles some of our work in Kenya such as providing food packs, school fees, clothing, blankets and other supplies and will eventually build housing, work area and other resources for the ladies.

My last trip to Kenya was in February of 2020. We accomplished many things on that trip through the foundation like building a house that was destroyed from a flood, providing basic supplies for the house such as mattresses, dishes, bowls, utensils etc. We also provided clothing and supplies for our ladies and their children and took a sick child to the clinic for a serious infection. You can read about those accomplishments here: 

Soon after my return from Kenya the end of February, COVID caused all travel to stop for the rest of the year.   I had planned on going to Kenya in July and November but both those trips were cancelled due to the restrictions both here in the US and in Kenya for COVID.

During this time, all the markets in Kenya shut down and our ladies were unable to sell anything. They usually go to the street markets to sell their beads and also would sell to missionary groups that came to visit throughout the year. We had planned on getting their products into gift shops and resorts in Kenya but with COVID everything shut down and came to a stand still.

The street markets have been empty since then but may start opening soon. Our stores here in the US shut for months and we had to pull out of 2 of our 3 locations due to significant losses. As a result of not moving much product, orders were small and the women were suffering.

There are no food pantries, food stamps or Government help of any kind. If you are in poverty and cannot buy food, you go without.  The land they live on is completely occupied and there is no land for planting and growing food. While I wanted to keep them fully supported by their own contributions, I couldn’t see buying and stockpiling product that I couldn’t sell. 

I made a commitment to provide food for our ladies and their children throughout the COVID shutdown.

Through our Foundation we were able to provide food packs to over 30 women and 80 children every month since March 2020 when the COVID shutdown started. Thanks to the generous contributions of many different people donating both monthly and individually, we were able to provide food packs of basics such as

Beans, Maze (Corn), Maze Flour (for Ugali), Chapatti Flour, Green Grams (lentils) Porridge Flour (for kids, Rice, Mild, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sugar, Tea Leaves, Charcoal for cooking, Soap Body Oil, Sanitary Pads

Sometimes we would include bread and biscuits and other items.


I send the funds every month to Leila , our director in Kenya. She orders the items in bulk and has it delivered to her house. Then she and Dorcas the ladies leader in the slum would pack the food into individual bags and deliver it to the ladies.

For Christmas we decided to give some extra special gifts in addition to the food.. Due to a generous donor and a Rotary club we had funds to get food, blankets and clothing for the children plus underwear for the ladies. Leila organized a party with a cake and juice to celebrate with the ladies and the children.

We had purchased the clothing and unfortunately it got stuck in customs and we had to give that separate from the food packs and blankets. The ladies were so grateful and appreciative. I stayed up late and did a video call with Leila and the ladies. Everyone said hi and they sang

Some of the other things we accomplished were providing school fees, uniforms and other supplies for two street kids to enable them to get an education and have a better chance at being successful in life.  We also paid fee's and got uniforms and supplies for one of the ladies daughters.  We funded some medical care and other needs as they came up.

I am grateful for all the support from individuals and organizations we’ve received. Without those of you who have provided support, none of this would be possible. Thank you so much or “Asante Sana” in Swahili.

If you would like to join our monthly double high five program or donate andy amount; click to visit our non profit site. 

I miss the ladies so much and am planning my trip for 2021.  





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