Swahili Sunday Series

Swahili Sunday is our weekly update on happenings in Kenya and inspiration.  This week we hear from our Director Leila and get an update on our ladies in Kipsongo and learn the Swahili word of the week.

COVID has caused many problems there.  The markets are still closed.  Our original intent with this series was to do weekly interviews with our ladies so you could get to know them.  Unfortunately with COVID we are unable to do that currently as they are not coming out of the slum.  We will start that part of the series when the COVID restrictions are lifted.  

Swahili word of the week.  Pikipiki - it means motorcycle and often used as a taxi or delivery vehicle.  It's often referred to as piki which to me translates as "bike" Sometimes several people ride on the Pikipiki.  This is me in Kenya with a piki taxi. It's an inexpensive way to get around town.  

Watch the video as Leila shares about the current situation in Kenya. We also get a special visit from baby Israel and Samantha.  


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