Spruce Up Your Spring

Are you ready for SPRING? Have you started cleaning and shaking off the dust of winter... I am ready to get out of the house, invite over friends, spend time at parties and just start socializing more. Did you know that when I travel for Operation Kenya 2022, it will be the rainy season? Check out my campaign and what I will be working on here. Although Kenya doesn't have an official spring as we do in the states because they are next to the equator, they still have dust to sweep, just like us.

Want a better way to clean up your space? Get one of our handmade brooms from the papyrus reed grasses that grow in Kenya.

These brooms get all the pet hair, dirt and debris on your patio and in your home. I use this over all the other handheld brooms I own.

We also have a limited edition table setting to help you get ready for your guests and trivets that can be used as hot plates to protect the cloth and table!

It is time for us to come out of our shells and embrace life. If you know a group or an organization that is looking for a speaker, I am still doing my Think Like a Negotiator talks and will gladly speak at your next event, podcast or live show. Just message me.

There is so much we can teach one another. That is the beauty of embracing Life and living to our fullest. We are getting more and more new products in the store and my event tables are always changing. Check out this video of our New Tree of Life Square Soapstone Plates.

I hope to hear from you soon!



PS> Where in the World Am I?

On April 9th I will be at the Second Saturday Pop-up at Long Beach Park View Village Shops, Check out the Event link Here

This Sunday, catch me live for Swahili Sunday as we talk about Aging with Grace and so much more!

(Let me help you share out your next event! Invite me to come and represent the Artisans of Baskets and Beads at a table.)

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