Prejudice is a Sign of Ignorance

My Pastor did a message about prejudice recently. With everything going on in the world right now with COVID-19 having the entire world shut down and then the senseless murder of yet another black man at the hands of a bad police officer makes tensions rise.

Peaceful protest is a right in the United States according to our Constitution (First amendment – “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The protests are bringing attention to prejudice, racism and bias that's long overdue.

This point really stood out in my Pastors message was. “Prejudice is a sign of ignorance.”

Hate and love can’t exist in the same space. I can’t say I love my brother if I am filled with hate or even unforgiveness. “Love your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t mean only the people you like. It’s all people, even the ones you disagree with or are in darkness blinded by hate. We are called to respond with love.

It’s hard when someone who is “blinded by darkness” is lashing out at you with hate, anger or unforgiveness. Or what about that person who has done you totally wrong by taking from you, abusing you or some other unthinkable act?

My mother was a raging alcoholic who was destructive, abusive and unloving/mean. I’ve forgiven her. I do get a little triggered sometimes if I see someone under the influence. I understand why and work on having compassion. It can be a challenge.

The other day when I was out riding with my brother we stopped at a gas station to see if the restroom was available. It wasn’t. While I was waiting for him to check I saw a homeless man on the sidewalk lying down with his knees propped up.

He appeared to be under the influence of something. (I recognize this from living around it for many years in the past). His arms and hands were twitching and flailing a bit. I felt sadness for him. He is someone’s son. Maybe a father, brother, uncle or a friend.

All I knew to do in that moment was pray for him. I am crying as I write this because the darkness is taking people out and destroying them one by one. Alcoholism destroyed my family in many ways. People are fighting each other on social media and in public. People were savage over toilet paper!

Now some people are using the protest as an excuse to rage, loot or destroy property. People’s anger is boiling over but the good thing is that the issue of racism finally is getting the attention of more people who may not have listened to it enough to do something to make a difference.

Jesus came so we could have an abundant life. Whether you believe in him or not that’s your choice. I am a believer, I am imperfect and he loves me anyway. You can choose to replace your hate with love, forgive those who have done you wrong and love others no matter where they are from, what they look like, how much or little they have.

Love conquers all.

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