Making Fairtrade Part of Your Life

There are many fairtrade companies that support artisans throughout the world. Fairtrade is beneficial to communities because it offers a fair price for the products that are sold. It can be easy to buy some of the things that you use on a daily basis to support fairtrade initiatives.

Here are some other fair trade sellers, I talk about in this video:

Tyger Lotus (Available on Instagram)- Clothing

Fazl Socks- Handmade Socks by women in the Himalayas

Just tea- Tea is one of the biggest exports from Kenya

Soapko Artisan Soaps (@soapko.a.s)- Handmade Soap

One of the products we suggest starting with besides the products made by Baskets and Beads Kenya is Chocolate, check out our previous article about the industry.

To check if something is fairtrade you can look for the fair trade logo on the product. Here are some of the principles that fair trade federation members follow.

However, you aim to add fair trade to your life, know that small purchases can make a huge difference.

This week we just got in Turkana tote baskets.

They are sturdy, stylish, and have a sleek design.

Currently, Baskets and Beads Kenya is raising funds for OPERATION KENYA 2022

Have you ever felt unwanted or unloved?

I know I feel that way at times.

I don’t have anyone to love me on a daily basis. It’s a struggle at times. I know God loves me and my family and friends but that doesn’t alleviate the struggle.

The ladies in Kenya experience that too. They are rejected in the town where they live because they are from a different tribe. I have witnessed it firsthand. I’ve dedicated my life to empowering these women and others who need it. I am heading to Kenya in May and raising funds for the work we are doing there this trip. $15,000 - Click here for more details.

Your donation will make an eternal difference for these women and help them to continue to feel valued, loved, and respected. Please consider a donation.

150 donations of $100 will achieve the goal or 750 donations of $25. Any amount will help.


Thank you for being here with us as we reach goals, make an impact, and better the world.



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