Leaving a Legacy

Today we are remembering Pastor Steve Rutenbar. His Memorial Service is today. Pastor Steve is the person whom I first went to Kenya with. He had been going there for over 20 years serving the suffering and displaced people in Kenya. I went in Feb 2018 to be of service. You can read the story here.

Instead of our normal product of the week and story about one of our Artisans, I asked Leila our Kenya Team Director to gather a few tributes and notes about Steve from some of the people he touched in Kenya. You will see that below along with my own.


You took me and showed me love that I did not know before, you never judged me and you always saw the good in me. You were always ready to defend me. Your friendship and loyalty were out of this world, most of all you introduced Jesus Christ into my life and that was the greatest gift you gave me, I love you big guy 💕💕rest easy. Leila Bella Salma, Kenya Team Director Baskets and Beads Kenya.


Steve we are so privileged to have known you, you taught us on generosity, you kept reminding us clenched fists will never receive anything but open fists are able to receive more and more. We will miss you, rest easy Rafiki. Rachel Aimba


Pastor Steve, walking and working with you in this life was a great privilege and honor to me. Your footprints will always be seen in the streets of Kitale and beyond, your legacy will remain forever in our hearts. The greatest thing I learned from you is that a network of people is my net worth. You walked a faithful path in ministering to people. Rest easy Steve ❤️❤️ Geoffrey Okumu


I can't express how heartbroken I am, not only were you my Godfather, my mentor, and a great role model in my life, you are the reason I became the person I am today. you were always there to remind me to work harder in everything I do to achieve my goals.

You taught me the importance of serving God, the importance of loving others as much as I love myself.

I miss you, Steve,I miss us singing your favorite songs after every dinner(hakuna mungu kama weweee..) , sharing God's word and praying together.

I know you are in heaven singing with the Angels.

We love u Steve, until we meet again, rest in peace. Sophie Elliot


Will the pain ever leave me, will the hurt ever cease? The feeling that I feel cannot be described. The tears that cannot be held back but so openly flow. The feeling of complete emptiness that I feel from head to toe. I have not lost a relative or a friend but surely a piece of myself, dad you gave us the best we would ask you taught us the word of God, dad I have so much memories of you the best was the day you got us from the street, you fought for our freedom your our Nelson Mandela, you taught us to always the truth I will really miss how you used to call me " joma" "my skinny girl" your last words were please make me proud and ill always do that,I know God's garden must be beautiful because he only takes the best. Dearest dad may your soul rest in peace in the mansions of the Lord I love you ❤️❤️ Josphine Ikaru


Steve, you were an amazing leader and mentor. I only wish I would have been able to know you longer than a few years. I learned so much in such a short time. God used you to touch many lives. You made a difference and because of you I chose to come to Kenya and God is making an impact in the lives of the women in Kipsongo.I want to be the kind of leader you were and pray God will continue to use me in Kenya. Thank you for all you taught me. Until we meet again. Eldonna


Thank you all for reading. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Steve to help the ladies we are working within Kenya to cover school fees, medical care, and supplies for their children it will be given in honor of all the years of service Steve did in Kenya. Donate here. Choose “other” for the donation.

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