How to Take Care of Yourself Today

Self Care – we hear these words a lot but do we actually heed them? Too often people work themselves to burnout and get exhausted, sick or overwhelmed.  Today with everything going on in the world from COVID to Natural Disasters to Unrest, we need to focus on taking care of ourselves so we don't implode.  

woman in forest wearing scarf from just above the waist in grey background with words " I make my own happiness! # selfcare"

I had gotten to the point of exhaustion and needed a break from being cooped up in my space and constant work. COVID-19 has limited my traveling and of course the ability of normal interaction with going to Kenya to visit the ladies and in person events or public speaking.

I took a week off, didn’t even do a blog post or my Tea Time Tuesday interview series last week. I actually didn’t watch anything on social media or news videos or read anything about the latest news stories. Some of the time I had no cell service and other times I used my phone only for photo’s.  I made a conscious effort to detach from everything in order to rejuvenate myself. 

Here are 5 things to consider even if you can’t get away for self care that will help you to be more energized, engaged and connected to yourself.

1. Detach from social media and news.

There is so much going on in the world right now that it’s easy to get caught up in social media, news, videos, articles etc. There is so much violence happening in many cities that it’s impossible not to see it online. It’s easy to get caught up in viewing all the updates.

The thing is, you can’t un-see that stuff. Once you’ve seen it, it has an affect on you whether you know it or not. It causes stress and can cause anxiety or other negative emotions. People get heated by what they are seeing and much of it is untrue or half truths.

Sure, you need to know what’s going on to some extent but don’t start your day with it and don’t make it your entire day to keep checking online, watching videos, looking at posts, getting caught up in the drama. Detaching will bring more peace into your life.

2. Replace your social media fix with something positive

I am a woman of faith and sometimes will have one of my pastor’s messages playing in the background or an inspirational video of some kind or educational content. Also uplifting music is refreshing. If you don’t replace the negative with something positive, you will be tempted to dive right back into that drama and can get caught up in it again.

3. Take care of your body

Taking care of your body means watching what you eat, getting some exercise even if it’s only a walk somewhere to move your body and protecting your mind by doing some of the things suggested above.  There's a saying that goes "garbage in, garbage out" which means if you put garbage into your body and mind it will have that kind of affect coming out in sickness, anger or anxiety/stress. 

Last year this time I had chronic debilitating back pain that had been non stop for over a year and a half. I injured my back in the military and it had developed into constant back spasms that would be so severe that I couldn’t do anything but lay down. I was going to the chiropractor, putting ice on the inflamed spots and attempting to stay natural by using CBD creams and drops to alleviate the pain.

One day I was looking online about back pain and came across an article about inflammatory foods. I avoid sugar but started looking further into what I was eating and noticed I hadn’t checked the labels on some foods and they had added sugar. Also I ate a lot of potatoes. I eliminated inflammatory foods and my back healed.

If you don’t have your health, it doesn’t matter how much money, things or time you have, you will be limited in what you can do because of bad health. That goes for your mind too. Detaching from Social Media and replacing it with something positive will help your body and mind.

4. Write down or tell someone what you are grateful for

Gratitude is the simplest thing we can do to change our state of mind and bring positivity into our life. Gratitude can’t exist in the same space as hate, stress, anxiety etc. People don’t think much about gratitude. Many people want more things or think they don’t have enough. Some think they are entitled to certain things and are never satisfied with what they have.   Don’t take it for granted that you have a roof over your head, food to each or that you can take a shower, have running water or can go to the bathroom.

The women we are working with in Kenya that this site promotes their products don’t have any of those things but they taught me a lot about being grateful. I wake up and thank God for at least 3 things every day. If you focus on the gratitude vs the negative things in life, you will be more at peace and less stressed out.

This is simple but most people don’t do this. If you focus on what you are grateful for vs what you don’t have or want, your happiness will increase and your life will be better.

Today I am grateful for a safe place to live, food to eat and warm water to take a shower with. Those are 3 simple things. You can come up with those too. Would love to see in the comments what you are grateful for. I am also grateful for you reading this post!

5. Do something you enjoy

One of my favorite things to do is go walk on the beach or be in nature. I also enjoy working in my garden or doing art. I have to make it a point to do these things and not get wrapped up in work to where I don’t do anything I enjoy and just work all day.  During my hiatus I go the opportunity to go to a place called Fern Canyon. It was beautiful. I didn't want to leave. 

In America we’ve got this culture of work, work, work and it’s almost like people feel guilty for doing something other than work. I know of people who have never done things in their area because all they have done is work and they get anxious if they are not working.

This in itself will cause you health problems. We all need a break. Take some time to enjoy life and do those things you enjoy whatever they are.

These are a few things to consider which will make your life better everyday. Some may take some discipline. As I’m writing this I have recommitted to detaching more from Social Media. I will do my morning posts and may check for comments to answer but not going to get caught up in the constant cycle of checking it and being tethered to my phone. Life has so much more to offer than having my face in my phone all the time. I also have been reducing the amount of stuff I have over the last year. I don’t need all that stuff and don’t need more stuff. I focus on what I’m grateful for and make time to do what I enjoy.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to make a better life for yourself each and every day.

Make it a great day today and everyday.



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