How Paper Beads Create a Beautiful Beginning

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like pink, others... like blue or purple, red or white. Multicolor is always stunning. When I set up show tables for events or organize my space in fairtrade Long Beach, I get to see all the beautiful necklaces, purses, baskets, and soapstone that have been uniquely crafted by hand.

A piece that always catches my eye is a paper bead necklace.

I love them because it is a necklace that all of the artisans know how to make and it is made out of recycled paper. I remember when I was first going to Kenya and I collected pallets of magazines to facilitate making these beads. Click here to see one of the ladies making a bead.

Operation Kenya 2022 will allow me to bring so much more to the ladies of Kenya than just magazines. This week, if you purchase a shirt from the store, $25 will go towards the fundraiser that we are doing to make the trip happen. In the photo below you can see the quote that is on the shirt. Check out the full fundraiser here.

I am so thankful to those who have already donated and continue to show support. It is a blessing to be able to serve others. You help make a dream become a reality for these women and children in Kenya (most of them do not have husbands - many of the husbands died in tribal conflicts). The funds will be used as follows:

Mobile Medical Clinic - including transportation for medical staff and medicines and treatment for all who seek it in that area. This clinic will be open all day from morning until late afternoon.

Transportation to a rural mountain community for the conference, food, blankets and supplies for the families in that area and lunch for all attendees including children.

Transportation, lodging and meals from Kitale Kenya to Mombasa Kenya (8+ hours by bus to Nairobi, 5+ hours by train to Mombasa, Accommodation, Meals, Activities, transportation back)

Any remaining funds will be used to pay school fees and provide food packs for the ladies and their families and the 2 street kids we sponsor for complete care year round including school fees and room and board when not in school.


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