How Much Do You "Give Back" to the Artisans You Work WIth?

How much do you “give back” to the artisans you work with?

We often get asked this.

The answer?  Nothing.  Instead of using a “give back” model the artisans are paid first and paid well.

Artisans tell us what they want to be paid for their work.  They set the prices.  After they give us their price, we will dig deeper to confirm that they are covering their costs and building sustainability and profit into their businesses.

Our buying team works with them to develop an understanding of what a fair income is in their local community. We research in the area and with other buyers here in the US to compare pricing and ensure the prices are fair to them and that it will provided a sustainable wage for their family.

One of the Fair Trade Federation Principles is to develop transparent and accountable relationships. Fair Trade involves relationships that are open, fair, consistent, and respectful. We create mechanisms to help artisans/producers feel actively involved in the trading chain. It’s a dialogue that builds incomes and takes the risks that come with business off the artisans and helps families thrive.

As a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation we believe that doing business respectfully and honestly is the right thing to do.  And we believe that when we invest in an inclusive economy, everybody has the opportunity to flourish.


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