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Happy Fair Trade Friday! This week I’d like to ask for your help. This weeks newsletter will highlight many of the things you can get involved in by either joining, supporting or sharing.  Everyone in business knows you need to get exposure to get business.  In our current world there’s a lot of noise out there and breaking through the noise is a key to getting noticed. Getting more people to take notice drives interest and sales which most importantly help the ladies in Kenya.

If you are someone who I connected with at an event where I was speaking on negotiation, I appreciate you staying with me as I’ve moved the focus to the work I’m doing in Kenya. I still speak on negotiation. I love to teach and speak on negotiation, effective communication and of course the mission in Kenya. If you are looking for a speaker for your group, get in touch.  I have some amazing dynamic trainings and always weave the Baskets and Beads story in.  Or if you want to share the story with your group, invite me to speak about the story of Baskets and Beads. I promise to leave your audience educated, inspired and refreshed.

Ask for Exactly What I Want is a Think Like A Negotiator strategy that I shared at the OC SCORE Women In Business conference shown above.  You’re not going to get what you don’t ask for.  Asking is what got me to Kenya in the first place.  Today I am asking and I need your help in the following ways:


***********Don’t forget our live show schedule. Click here  to join************

Thursdays – Live shopping and chat at 5PM Pacific

Swahili Sunday – Inspirational Topics 9 AM Pacific

MISSION KENYA 2023 – May 28 -June 8

Details can be found in the Mission Kenya tab on the main page here. People have already expressed interest in going. We hope you will consider joining us. It will be a life changing experience.  


1. Become a monthly donor to help us cover school fees, food packs, medical care and other costs.  We have donors starting at $5 a month.  Every dollar helps. Donate here

2. Product of the week – Purchase a product.  This is our product of the week that was on special last night for $5 off. 

3. Volunteer to help me with loading and set up at local pop ups.  I have a hard time asking for help with these.  It’s a lot of work and it’s getting harder for me to do these with the lifting and loading and setup.  If you are local in So Cal and would be willing to help I would greatly appreciate it. 
The next big pop up event is Feb18-19.  Set up is on the 17th and breakdown is on the 19th.  I plan to rent a van unless someone has a van or truck that could hold the overflow from my car.  Respond to this email if you are able to help.

4. Volunteer to help with putting out this newsletter and a few other behind the scenes actions.  The person that was handling this disappeared and I have been doing this myself for a couple of weeks.  If you know of a someone in school that would like to intern in a fair trade business please connect me with them. 


1. Follow on Instagram and Facebook and share with your friends.  Comment on our posts on social media and our blog.  This is a no cost way to help get the word out.  The more engagement we get on social media, the more our posts are visible on social media which turns into more exposure and more sales. I recently got a notice from Facebook that said something like your engagement has increased and as a result we are showing your info to more people.  

2. Another way to share is if you are part of a Rotary or other group that donates funds to organizations, we would love an introduction.  Many organizations are looking to support efforts like this one and the only way they will know about it is if someone shares it with them.  We would appreciate this type of support.

3. Do you know a boutique shop or other retail store that our products would be a fit for?  An introduction to anyone you know in that space would also help. 

I am asking for your help in any or all of these areas.  We are better together and if you in anyway feel connected to this effort, will you please do what you can to help?

Thank you for your support and belief in this effort.  At this point in my life I could be using my time to do things that only benefit me.  I've been called to this mission in Kenya and although it's been challenging, I keep going because I know there are several women that are non existent to those around them and receive no help or support.  We take so much for granted.  They are grateful when they can buy food and pay the fees when they send their kids to school.  

Thank you for your continued support and belief. 



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