Falling Forward and Winning

If you read my last email, it was all about how failures are imminent and needed to grow and become better (Would you believe that I got a warning about the low open rate for that email... I guess people don't like failures. lol). It’s ok to grieve the failure just don’t stay there. People don’t go for a goal and then set out to fail, we all want to achieve a level of success in our lives. After a failure or even success, it takes time to figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved for next time (this is the after action review "AAR" that I learned in the military. Fail forward to success means you don’t let a failure stop you. You learn from it and keep moving forward towards your goals and dreams.

Truly, I am trying to engage you with my message and hope to keep you entertained! So, let's celebrate some WINS!

There is so much to be thankful for as we build awareness around Baskets and Beads Kenya! We were selected as a finalist for The Rosie Network 2021 Entrepreneur Awards as a veteran who represents the artisans of Kenya. We look forward to the upcoming results.

Furthermore, it was an honor to be featured in the Vanguard Fashion Show as Models showcased our clothing on the runway. You can check it out here.

Every event we go to is an opportunity, even if we don't win.

Versatility is the key.
I also did a business pitch this month and behind the scenes, I was balancing a work trip for my job, so I did it from my hotel room in Missouri and then headed to the airport to hop a plane home.
There was so much involved in prepping for the pitch while I took care of everything else with work. Even though I didn't win that, I was able to use that script to apply for additional grants!

Moreover, I was also nominated as a finalist in the veteran category in the Connected Women of Influence as I continue to raise awareness about fair trade and support the artisans of Kenya.

Fairtrade is a benefit that helps people beyond US borders. Here are the principles we follow to stay verified and help as much as we can as we work to bring necklaces, baskets, tunics, soapstones, and paper beads to the states from Kenya. This time of year always reminds me of the Chocolate (chokoleti in Swahili) Industry and how children and farmers of Africa are often taken advantage of as large companies negotiate for their cocoa under market value. You can read more about it here.

As a supporter of Baskets and Beads Kenya, you are already a conscious shopper who makes a positive impact in the world. THANK YOU!

We are in our last 2 months of funding for food packs in Kenya. We committed to helping the ladies while COVID kept sales almost non existent and now that things are gradually improving we feel we can get back to our mission to help them become fully supporting by their own contributions. It has been amazing to see how much people have been willing to help during this time. We are raising funds to provide this support for 2 more months. Help us continue to end the year on a strong note of support and donate at www.basketsandbeadskenya.org

Decorate your holiday table with a Trivet as your share a hot meal with those you love.




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