Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good - Check Out the Exciting New Products

We received a shipment of new product right before the holidays that I fully intended to have on the website along with live shopping for the holiday season.

Unfortunately soon after the products arrived, I took a serious fall at an outdoor market on December 12th. I tripped over a hidden sprinkler pipe and it caught my shoelace causing me to lose my balance and fall on my left knee. I put my right hand out as a reflex to break the fall. This left me unable to walk for a couple of weeks and limited my ability to get things done. I was in a cast on my right wrist and could not use that hand to type or do anything for that matter.


Thankfully as of Wednesday, the cast is now off and I’m on my way to healing and finally uploading photos of the new products on the website. I will also be starting up live shopping soon as well. If you aren’t on the Facebook page, be sure to like it so you can see when I go live.

The following is an overview of the 5 products that have been uploaded to the website as of this weekend.


I also shared about four of these products (the 5th one wasn’t on the site yet) on Swahili Sunday and showed them and how they wear by demonstrating them on me. If you want to take a peek, here’s the video. 

You can also go over to our online store and see all the available colors and more styles.

If you are wondering what the benefit is of shopping right now for a necklace, here are 3 reasons why now is a good time to buy (only if you are able, there are many who are still out of work or have limited work due to COVID).

  1. If you are doing anything online (presentations, meetings, bible studies, networking groups, Toastmasters meetings, Rotary or any other organizational meetings, masterminds, etc) you will brighten up your appearance and maybe even start up a conversation about your necklace and the cause you are supporting through your purchase.
  1. One day we will be back to some kind of normal where we will be out and about, attending events, going to dinner, connecting with friends. You will have something that no one else owns, a one of a kind piece. Even if you buy a paper bead necklace and they look similar, each on is different and you will know yours is one of a kind.
  1. Give a gift that has meaning behind it. Giving a gift made by someone who is in poverty helps the person who made it become more sustainable. Knowing where your product comes from and who it’s produced by gives the buyer peace of mind that they aren’t supporting slave labor conditions and the artisan is getting paid a fair wage to make the goods.

Do good, look good, feel good. If we could have more of our purchases follow this philosophy there would be more opportunities for the makers. We are creating a positive impact by connecting you to the artisans that make these beautiful products. Your purchase helps them go from poverty to prosperity.

Thank you for your support.



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  • So sorry to hear about your fall! ouch! Love the items your showing, will keep in touch
    MARIA <><

    Maria Fontaine

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