Educating Children

Happy Fair Trade Friday! Educating Children is one of our missions in Kenya. Many kids in poverty struggle because they are unable to go to school.  Their parents are unable to pay the school fees so they stay at home.  Teen pregnancy rates and violence happens as a result of kids not being in school. 

Statistics on education in Kenya:

*27% Poverty Rate ($1.90/day)
*47% Living in slums v
*Literacy Rates Kids
 -46% in slums
 -72% out of slums

The Literacy rate is a direct reflection on kids in poverty not being able to attend school.  

This is Aloise and Saumu last time I was in Kenya. I shared about them before.  Aloise is very interested in Engineering and Robotics.  He is entering Form 2 which is equivalent to a Sophomore in High School.  

Saumu made it to Freshman year in high school. It’s called Form 1 in Kenya. Their school year is year round and starts every January. 

We were only able to fund Aloise school fees and supplies which for him to return was $600+ For many families here that would be hard to come up with.  The median income in Kenya is around $200 a month.  It doesn't add up how a parent can put their kids in school when they don't make enough in 3 months to pay just the school fees alone.  Many schools demand the entire payment upfront for the year and if you don't pay the fees and show up with the required school supplies you will be turned away.  

Saumu’s expenses are close to the same and all the other kids we have been supporting are sitting at home because we don’t have the funds to pay for their fees and expenses. •

These kids want to go to school. Here in the US there are many kids that don’t want to be in school, don’t want to learn and don't think education is important.  I have a friend who is a high school biology and chemistry teacher and he says very few of the kids he teaches are interested in school.  The school has no consequences for missing class, late work or even failing or not showing up for exams.  

These kids we sponsor want to learn and can’t. They want to get educated, learn a skill and work towards a career of some kind.  How I wish I could fund every single kid in poverty in Kenya that needs education funds. •

I haven’t done enough to get the word to more people. I don't know enough about fund raising, preparing sponsor packages or getting publicity for the cause to garner more support. As a result we don’t have enough funds and these kids won’t get to go to school unless we get help. •

You can help in the following ways:
1. Make a donation of any amount here
2. Share this info with your friends.
3. Introduce me to an organization, business or group who would be interested in partnering with us to give these kids a chance. 

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