Did You Know that our T-Shirts are Fair Trade?

This week in Fair Trade - our product of the week is a special on one of our t-shirts. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we must disclose our supplier list of all products we provide including t-shirts.

To ensure that Fair Trade Principles are followed in every aspect of our business we must choose partners that also make sure the supply chain is free from forced labor. That includes t-shirts.

The special this week is on our black and grey frost ¾ length T-shirt made by District Clothing. District Clothing has a supply chain policy to ensure no slave labor is used in the manufacturing of their products. You can see their full disclosure here.

Another fact about anything manufactured in California or doing business in California, especially in the garment district of downtown Los Angeles is that it must comply with the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act which was enacted to prevent human trafficking and slave labor in retail.

Rest assured that Baskets and Beads researches all of the products we sell where we use outside sources and also all of the products we use, such as brownies. As a thank you to some of our customers, clients and sponsors we have sent brownies. We researched the company that we use (Fairytale Brownies) to ensure their chocolate comes from a Fair Trade vendor and that no forced or child labor is used in the production of the chocolate. The chocolate industry is a major offender of using forced labor to produce the chocolate, you can read about it here.

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