Best Travel Hacks Part 2

This week we continue on from last weeks Part 1 travel hacks, this week I am sharing about some hacks to do when you are on the plane.

 1. Wear Compression Leggings and Compressions Socks

In Part 1 I shared about having “TSA Socks.” This is completely different. Compression leggings and socks are to help with circulation and prevent the possibility of blood clots.

Sitting in one position for a long time makes it more of a possibility to have issues with circulation. For the most part people are safe from that but it’s good to take extra care if you are on a long flight or fly often. 

Before I started wearing compression socks, I had problems with my feet swelling on airplanes. Since I started wearing the socks, I don’t have that issue any longer. Flying can be exhausting and I have noticed when I wear compression leggings and socks on longer flights that I don’t feel as exhausted.

2. Bring Slippers on the Plane to Wear

When you fly on long flights, take your shoes off and get comfortable. You want to avoid having to put your shoes on to get up and go to the bathroom so bringing slippers will solve this. Bring slippers that has a sturdy bottom and can get wet if there’s water on the bathroom floor.

I feel more relaxed on the flight when I take my shoes off and wear slippers.  Even if I don't have socks on the slippers are soft and feel good to my feet.  Get some that are somewhat flat and can be folded over if necessary to get into your carry on bag.m

3. Do Yoga or Stretching During the Flight

If you are sitting in one position for a long time, your muscles may tighten up or your joints will get sore. The longer the flight, the more often you need to get up and move around.

If you are waiting in line for the bathroom, do some stretching. Calf raises or hamstring stretches are good. If you can, find a space in the galley area where you can do more extensive stretches do those or in the aisle by your seat.

People will probably look at you funny but you are taking care of yourself so don’t care what they think.

On one flight there was an upper deck for first class that had stairs that went up to that deck. I used the stairs to stretch on and that open area by the stairs to do some other stretches.

If you can’t find anywhere to stretch, you can do some calf raises and arm stretches in the bathroom. Anything you can do to keep your body moving during a flight is helpful and will keep you feeling better so you aren’t as tired when you arrive to your destination.  

 4. Bring Snacks and a Bottle of Water

You will be given a meal or snacks on the plane. However, many times the snacks are processed food depending on the airlines and you won’t get enough water to drink during the flight unless you keep asking.

Having a larger bottle of water will make sure you stay hydrated and not have to wait until after takeoff when they bring the drink cart around. In business class you are usually provided a bottle of water and they come around and ask while the flight is being boarded if you want anything to drink.  It's usually a small glass or bottle of water and having your own larger bottle will ensure you are able to hydrate continually throughout the flight. 

Dehydration is a symptom of flying so make sure you take care to stay hydrated. If there are certain foods you can’t eat, bringing your own snacks ensures you won’t have to go without or eat something that may upset your digestion.

It seems there are more healthy options on most airlines such as fruit or raw almonds but again, it depends on the airline.  Having your own snacks ensures you will be able to keep your energy up and get the proper nutrition as much as possible.  

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones and/or Earplugs and Sleeping Mask

Sometimes these are all provided for you by the airline. However, it’s good to bring along your own in case something isn’t provided or you have things you like to use.

Noise cancelling headphones will cancel out much of the aircraft and other noise. It will help you sleep better with the sleep mask in case someone has their light on or watching a movie. I have a hard time sleeping with a light in my eyes.

These are a few tips I have learned to make any long flight I take more comfortable. The goal is to arrive at your destination as energetic as possible. I have also found these strategies in Part 1 and 2 have helped me to be to get over the jet lag quickly, be more refreshed, and energetic.

Happy Traveling!


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