Beauty Beyond Borders

Thank you for being part of the Baskets and Beads Kenya Community! We have had unfortunate news with the continued closing of borders, the death of one of our ladies, and an increased lockdown as COVID numbers rise and they await vaccinations.

Thank you to all those who have been shopping or donating, you are a blessing. The food packs that we have been able to send because of donations are a lifesaver for many. We ask that if you can donate to this initiative please help us.

We also have some amazing products that also support the mission.

The ladies of Baskets and Beads are still creating some wonderful products as we await a shipment of earrings, masks, pillows and more. Be on the lookout as our inventory upgrades on the site!

Some of our products of the week have included The Akumet Necklace, The Rael Necklace and The Dinah Necklace.

One of the things I love about our products is how we honor the creators of them and name the necklaces after them. Each piece is just a little unique and made with love as it travels across seas to help us enhance the beauty that surrounds us.

To celebrate these creations we have been doing FAIR TRADE FRIDAY LIVE SHOPPING ON Facebook at 6 pm pacific. It has given us the opportunity to show off and talk about how soapstone products are made, what trivets are used for and allow you to see just how beautiful the necklaces truly are when we wear them. We also give some amazing discounts on Friday nights so make sure to check us out and get in on the deals.

Swahili Sunday has given us the opportunity to catch up with Leila live and also share the following Swahili words:

1. Sad/sadness- Huzuni, as we mourn losses

2.Empower- Kuwawezesha, as we show support

3.Hope- Matumaini, as we pray for better days to come


Even as there is sadness there are many things to celebrate. In the states we are starting to open up more, we have been uplifted with additional aid and some have even been able to start to see families more. Let's share our good fortunes with those across the globe and provide hope.

Covid is a topic of discomfort for many, it doesn't have to be an elephant in the room if we are proactively addressing it.

Speaking of elephants, check out these awesome soapstone elephants the ladies have created and we have in stock!




We are sad to announce the passing of Joan. Please, help us say a prayer for our fallen friend, she was born in 1983, a mother of 8 children and grandmother to 3. A beautiful artist who leaves a legacy of hard work and dedication to her family. Through generous donations, we were able to cover her funeral and burial expenses. Her family will continue to receive food packs as her oldest daughter is moving into her mother's place to help care for the younger school age children. If you'd like to support the food pack program, donate here.

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